Joey "Shark Bass" Enos

Posted by Damon

Chow Nasty is known for serving up their own brand of grimy funk. But one member in particular, Joey "Shark Bass" Enos, serves up tasty dishes of his own. Here's a video from his latest gallery offering:

Check out more of Joe's work on his site.

Catch The Dead Hensons this Friday!

Posted by Zac

Chow Nasty will be guests on a tune this Friday in SF at Bottom of the Hill. We are very happy to be a part of a full night of Muppet music with our good friends The Dead Hensons. It's going to be a great time!


Also, enjoy this amazing performance: A Muppet's song, sang on Sesame Street, by the Father of Soul.

Mixing "Wrecking Ball"

Posted by Zac

Mixing a song for the new record right now called "Wrecking Ball," and guess who plays on it, Dr. Fink, that's right, Prince & The Revolution Dr.Fink...

Chow Nasty is on Twitter!

Posted by Zac

Follow us on Twitter! Go ahead, ask us anything. http://twitter.com/chownasty, of course.

The new record is coming along
AMAZINGLY well! pt. II

Posted by Damon

The freshest new production team in the known universe Skin&Bones has teamed up with Mr. Worrell. This shizzy is out of the hizzy, on forrealznizzy bizzy. Bernie in fact has pronounced them the heir to his funktastic throne of madness. This project is serious!!! If you're wild, you best stay tuned. Oh, and did I mention the venerable Fred Wesley from James Brown's band is heading up the horn section, also some mamacitas from the Sly and Parliament camps are in there, as well as MANY MANY more surprises to come. All the party people if you really want to party throw down!

The new record is coming along


In fact it's being produced by our idol Bernie Worrell. In case you're not familiar with Mr. Worrell, out the gates, you should know that Dr. Dre owes his entire career to this man's work. Bernie, a member of the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame, was the musical director for both Parliament Funkadelic and Talking Heads, and is now bringing his freaky magic to the new Chow Nasty record. Title is TBA as is the release date, but stay tuned for some pre-release love.

Reno Strikes Again!

posted by Zac

So, we've been in the country recording our second album, but we had to accept an offer to do a Burning Man after party show in Reno. We have a special agreement with Reno, that is, we will rock it's socks off in exchange for a ridiculous amount of debaucherous fun. Here is a breakdown of the "night" as I remember it:

  • 10pm - Show up to the hotel and meet some nice burning man folks who give us a bottle of Jameson (thanks Jens and Biscuit).
  • 12am - Prepare for show in hotel room...drink Jameson.
  • 2am - Order room service...a bottle of Black Velvet and 4 Red Bulls.
  • 3am - Go to the club and perform our set.
  • 4am - Hang out with a girl wearing ram horns on her head. She is a costume designer who is going to make costumes for us, if we can find her phone number! She once dressed up 8 Chicago White Sox rookies in burlesque outfits! We go to multiple hotel room parties.
  • 6am - Win $45 playing Blackjack.
  • 8am - Go to the pool with Scott, only to find that it is not open yet. Go to the bar and them back to the pool. Repeat until pool opens.
  • 10:30 am - Take a swim. Pass out on a super comfy lounge chair.
  • Noon - Wake up to Damon and Joey laughing at my new sunburn, complete with hand print on chest.
  • 12:30pm - Go to bar.
  • 6pm - Leave bar and go home.

Thanks a lot Reno.

Montreal and Chow Nasty Sitting In a Tree...


We've had some adverse experiences in the past with our neighbors to the North. Band members banned from entry, Poutine comas (that's fries, gravy and cheese curd for those who haven't had the honor), etc. But despite those trying times we've never waivered once on our feelings of connection to those crazy Canucks. Montreal in particular is somewhere we've always held near and dear. A few days ago this amazingly flattering review showed up their paper letting us know that the feeling is indeed mutual:


Thank you Steve Lalla for the kind words!

Chow Nasty is Chillin' ... NOT.


First off, the biggest thank you of all thank yous to everbody who came out, played on and promoted the shows on this latest tour. We are a very lucky band indeed, that couldn't do any of what we do without all of the awesome support we receive. We super love all of you!!!

Awww... It's good to be home. Our homecoming show at the lovely Uptown in Oakland was AMAZING! There was a freakin' balloon drop people. And now we're retiring to Chow Nasty HQ to make a new album that promises all sorts of high flying hijinks. We are very excited about the new material and can't wait to get it out there. We'll be blogging all the while so please check in and see what we're up to. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for exclusive studio footage, and pre-release tracks. Hell, drop us a note, we'll need some contact from the outside world. The album's release date, title, and other details will all be coming soon.

We will be poking our heads up for a live show here and there. There's an all ages VH1 Save the Music benefit on May 18th, and we'll be laying it down in the PJs as we always do for the beloved Bay to Breakers that same day. That's an all out jam session, so if you're going to come hang, come ready to throw it down. In other words bring something to the table.

In October we'll be heading to NY for the CMJ Festival, and there will be additional East Coast and dates in the South to accompany. Check back for dates and details.

Stay safe out there and keep it nasty!

Chow Nasty



That's right, Chow Nasty is on the road again. We'll be updating our new blog with our wild adventures. Keep an eye on us RIGHT HERE!



Don't you love independent record stores? Haven't they always been there for you? Didn't they introduce you to your favorite bands? Hasn't the endearing music snobbery of your favorite clerk shaped your musical indentity? Well we love ‘em too! And we're giving back some of that love on this tour ...

Here's the deal: Buy Chow Nasty's new 'Super (Electrical) Recordings' album at your favorite independent record store, bring the receipt to the show, and you're getting in for FREE. Simple as 1, 2, 3.

So, please get out there and show those Ma and Pa stores that you care, and we'll see you that show.


The February 13th show has been cancelled.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and refunds are available at the place of purchase.

Tix for SF and LA
on sale this Sunday @ 10 am!


Other tour dates have been posted. Stay-tuned for more upcoming shows and how you can get free tickets by supporting your local independent record store.



From our family to yours.
This will help you keep things moving into '08.
XOXO, Chow Nasty

Tour Rap Up

Objects and their Functions;
Chow Nasty and their Things.

The Trip is now over and Chow Nasty has seen the United States from coast to coast. The Cast and Crew of this trip have become defined by their personal items on this trip. Every item had to fit in our bags and all of our bags have to fit in our van. These are the people and the items defined by our relationship with them.

Zac Hewitt: Keyboard, Harmonica, Vocals
Object: AC/DC Wrist band/Flare.
Function: Looks good on stage and holds sweat.


Drea Aguilar: Tour Manager, Merchandise Slinger
Object: Mini DV Tape.
Function: Capture performances and ketch the magical mundane of Chow Nasty on the road.


Andrew Moore: Guitar, Vocals
Object: HEARO Earplugs from Walgreens.
Function: Preserving the hearing ability while on stage and watching other bands night after night.


Damon Harris: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Object: The Page Bar Matchbook.
Function: To create fire. Probably the most traveled item on the list, this matchbook has mingled with fire starters from SF to New York and back again.


Joey Enos: Bass, Vocals
Object: Left over drink tickets.
Function: None. The night previous it had a value of an alcoholic beverage at the bar in the venue. Mr. Enos has a tendency to keep stuff in his pockets with no value or function.


The Tour Thus Far


We are about a little more than half way through the tour and no words can describe the adventures we have seen in the last 4 weeks. The only possible way is through the art of the Haiku Poem. The traditional hokku consists of a three line pattern of approximately 5, 7, 5 “ons”. The Japanese word on, meaning "sound", corresponds to a mora, a phonetic unit similar but not identical to the syllable of a language such as English.


The Start of Our Tour
Peanut Butter Sandwiches
Sweet, See You Next Month

Burlesque Shows And Trees
Dog Oscar And Good Pizza
We Drive A Big Van

Skinny Dip Fire
Roller Girls And Wrestlers
Hippy Feast, Chic Peas

Always Rains Up North
Scott Didn’t Make It B.C.
Scott Hates Canada

Downtown Spokane Rocks
Ordered Nachos From Happy
Joey Drank Salsa

We Love Frankie D’s
SLC, Very Week Beer
Cabins In Moab

Jump! College Radio!
It Is All Down Hill From Here
Like... Altitude Wise

Monsters In A Club
Omaha Smells Like Candy
Drive, Strait and Narrow

Bats In The Kitchen
Hawking Keyboard For Old Style
Good Times On The Porch

We Rock NPR
Dirty Preston Rocked With Us
It’s Clean And Friendly

Very Green With Trees
Bugs On The Windshield Go Splat!
Almost Chicago

Good Friends, Good Times Here
Came Back And It Looks The Same
Wow! Wow! Great Hot Dogs...

Love, Music, Scrummage
Mad Max In Hamtramck
Gone To Canada

Who Knew Canada
It’s Like A French Frisco
That Is Montreal

Camping, College Town
Lots Of Bug Bites, They Itch A Lot
Fire! Fire! Wooo!

Rock'n The Bean Town
Two Shows And Lots Of Dancing
Great J Was There Too

Yes, Chelsea Hotel
The Moma And The Jorma
Brown Bottle Records

Chow Nasty's On Tour


Hello Everybody!
Welcome to our new website! It is awesome, isn’t it? Thanks to Mike Grigg at Royal Magnet for creating this masterpiece. We have new pictures, video, merchandise, and tour dates up on the website so please feel free to roam around. Sign up for the Chow Nasty newsletter to keep informed on the latest and greatest Chow Nasty happenings. Also, if you would like to help us out, please sign up for the Chow Nasty street team and start spreading the dance floor all across this nation and to the rest of the world!!

By the way . . .

//// WE ARE ON TOUR!! \\\\

Chow Nasty On Tour!

Thank you to everyone that has helped us get this tour on the road. It has been a lot of work but it is going to be amazing. We are going to need a lot of help from our street team to get the whole nation dancing. Join the Chow Nasty street team to put posters, stickers and flyers around your town!! Sign up below!!


As we go from town to town, check back to get news updates drawings and pictures from the road. It is going to be a sweet ride and we want to share it with you!! Thanks for all the support from our friends and family - see you at the show!!

Super [Electrical] Recordings iTunes Buy Now

The Party Starts Right F**king Now iTunes Buy Now